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MyBet is a brand name of Personal Exchange International Limited (PEI Ltd.).

Establishment:  7. January 2003
Name of Company:  Personal Exchange International Ltd. 
Address:  60, Tower Road
Sliema SLM 1606
Registration number:  C 30759
Legal representatives:  Mr. E. Mifsud


The betting licence granted by the Maltese Finance Ministry enables PEI Ltd. to offer, accept and purchase bets for any event with an unknown outcome taking place anywhere in the world. PEI Ltd., currently based in Malta, pays betting as well as other taxes and, is subject to the control of the Gaming Board of Malta, the state controlling authority for betting licences.


All customer data and data exchanged between PEI Ltd. and its customers shall be treated confidentially. All relevant data will be encoded before being transferred via SSL. Our platform and all products and processes offered have been verified and released by one of the internationally renowned and leading auditing companies. As is customary for financial service providers, we also keep customer funds separate. The winnings are secured by high financial reserves.


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"The world of Internet betting" trying to report on the various houses and their bonus apuetsas opening. All information is from reliable sources. However, being outside sources, we can not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of such information, either express or impilicitamente. If you do not have legal standing to bet under the laws of your country, err on the side of clicking on any of the advertising banners, or use any knowledge of this site for such matters.